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    Without a doubt, the most satisfying job I have is as a mother to my handsome little man and beautiful twin girls. I've worn many hats in life as a wife, middle school teacher, coach, and student. In 2014 I became a momma and began my doterra journey. Three years later, as my passion for dōTERRA grew, so did our family. My husband and I welcomed twin girls into our lives with all of the love and adoration that our hearts could handle. Living in rural Missouri, healthcare options are limited without a decent amount of travel. Having dōTERRA as our first line of defense and prevention became more than a passion, it was fundamentally necessary. To that end, I began building a business that would allow me the freedom to stay home with my babies and would provide us with versatile options for healthcare.


    Reaching for our essential oils is a natural and almost subconscious action. The freedom we have gained from living a dōTERRA lifestyle has allowed us to limit our need to travel the long distances for medical intervention, given us security in knowing how to handle even the most basic emotional and physical needs of our children, and provided us with innumerable new friends in the dōTERRA community. My hope for anyone who takes the time to learn what dōTERRA offers, is that they find community, support, and a healthier lifestyle. I am blessed and honored to have the opportunity to serve others who are beginning this journey.


    As a lifelong educator, my love for teaching is not lost in this business. Offering classes to help my team and their families become adept in their own understanding of essential oils brings me joy. My heart is for those who have struggled, overcome, and are now living on the other side of emotional and physical ailments. Providing classes that help others understand the dynamic impact of essential oils delivers a clarity and understanding of how our bodies work. After struggling for ten years with fertility, undergoing countless fertility treatments, spending thousands of dollars wondering why I couldn’t conceive on my own, I made it my goal to help others feeling as helpless as I once felt. Our journey is far from over, and yet I feel as though my purpose in life has been fulfilled: Love others, help others, grow others, empower others. I hope you will choose to be one of my “others”.


    With love,


    Nicole Gibson

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