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There and Back Again

Portland, OR 2019 Sourcing Trip

Isn’t it interesting how new people enter your life in the most unexpected ways? This past month I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel with a small group of dōTERRA Wellness Advocates to Corvallis, Oregon and tour our Peppermint and Roman Chamomile farms. The journey began as any other, board a plane, fly across the country, arrive exhausted and ready for food. My husband travelled with me to stay with family, and our first day was simply breathtaking as we travelled to the Oregon Coast and walked along sandy beaches in Cannon Beach and Rockaway Beach. Soft sandy beaches felt like butter beneath my feet, the sun shone brightly, but without the humidity that is prevalent in the midwest. My husband’s aunt and uncle were the perfect tour guides and we enjoyed every moment. Fast forward to day 2 and we arrived back in Portland where I was dropped at the Duniway Hotel, downtown, and told I would have a roommate, courtesy of our dōTERRA event coordinator, Aria. I don’t like sharing space with strangers. My nerves were on high alert and my mind was overwhelmed with anxiety and excitement. Her name was Deb.

I am not used to staying at a hotel without my husband. After dropping off my two small carry on bags, I decided to go grab a cup of coffee (which isn’t difficult in Portland) and enjoyed watching all of the new dōTERRA arrivals come into the hotel. We smiled and greeted each other with knowing looks, “You’re here for the incentive trip too, aren’t you?” our glances seemed to all say. The excitement was palpable. I still hadn’t met Deb.

As I opened the door to our room, I saw a medium height blond with a big smile and friendly eyes. She greeted me with a, “Hey!” and I greeted her with a, “Deb!” Then she followed up with, “Nope! I’m Tanette! Deb found a friend and wanted to switch rooms.” And I laughed…awkward start, but she was in good humor and didn’t take offense. To be perfectly honest, we were so nervous, that I forgot her name at first…I’m horrible with names. Not quite sure how to break the ice, we shared quick background information, where we’re from and our family information, and then both decided lunch was in order. We chatted the entire way down to the hotel restaurant, Jackrabbit’s, and then met up with many other WA’s who were also grabbing a bite before our afternoon Hike with Emily. I was so thankful that up to this point, Tanette and I had so much in common, including our personalities!

Not long after lunch, we boarded a coach bus to attend the afternoon hiking outing. Now, let’s just be honest and say that I am not in shape, I am not a hiker, and this was not my cup of tea…except that when Emily Write, Co-Founder of dōTERRA, walked on our bus, I knew I had made the right decision. She smiled and waved before sitting down. The excitement was palpable as we rolled slowly from the hotel and down the road. That was just the beginning. My fears of being left behind on a trail for lack of endurance were quickly assuaged. My phone was out recording everyone walking by, including Emily. She passed by and waved to the camera with a genuine, excited smile. We started talking and didn’t stop until we reached the top of the hill—about 30 minutes later. Can you imagine? I almost skipped the outing.

What I learned on that hike is invaluable. First, never miss an opportunity because you are too afraid. Our bodies are made to endure. Second, saying hello is not only friendly, but the fastest way to make new friends. Third, be thankful for LifeLong Vitality supplements, Mito2Max, and Deep Blue rub! Not only was I able to keep up with the group, but I didn’t struggle. Not only did I not struggle, but I was able to walk, uphill, for 30 minutes, while talking to Emily Wright! When we got back to the hotel, I showered quickly, applied my Deep Blue Rub, and left for dinner down the street. My mind, body, and spirit were all fed that day in ways that I didn’t even realize were needed.

Our second day was one that will forever be etched in my mind. The two hour drive to Corvallis enabled us to make new friends all over the bus. We shared pictures, stories of those we’ve helped with oils, and the struggles of trying to convince people we honestly want to help them. Some of the women I met were struggling to decide if they were on the right path after a long, arduous four months of Diamond Club. Spirits were broken, dreams were wavering, and we had sacrificed time and energy for our family to help share the beauty and healing of essential oils. When we stepped onto the field of the peppermint farm, it all melted away. Nature has a way of revealing what is truly important, and I don’t think that is a mistake or accident. God has given us the means and opportunity to support our bodies in ways that allow them to heal, but seeing how it all happens was more astonishing than clarifying. How can a simple plant become something that alleviates so much bodily discomfort? It’s so simple that we miss it sometimes. We lunched at the Roman Chamomile farm nearby and as they began the process of steam distillation, the air was saturated with the beautiful fragrance of essential oils. It’s what I imagine Heaven will be like someday.

Our bodies began to respond to the oils permeating the air. Suddenly our airways were clearer, those who had suffered with watery eyes were able to see clearly, and the anxiety of the day melted away. I can honestly say we were the happiest group of men and women in the state of Washington! Before boarding the bus to leave, we noticed the baby accompanying his mom and dad had finally drifted into sleep…I’m sure they were thankful the Roman Chamomile farm was our last stop for the day. Emily hopped on our bus on the ride home, karaoke was sung, and then she opened her heart and shared information with us that has shocked and surprised even me. I thought I knew a lot about essential oils and what they could do for us, but she shared stories that have given me a burning passion to make sure everyone I meet has the opportunity to benefit from the blessings God gave us. With that in mind, if you would like to know more about this journey and how you can use oils in your life, don’t wait to schedule a Wellness Consultation!



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