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The Power of Positive Thinking

Today I am reminded of the power of positive thinking. This week has been transformative for me in many ways. To begin with, I became a certified AromaTouch Technique Wellness Advocate. I’ll explain more on that later, but the doors it has opened for my “business” have already completely changed how I approach individuals. In her book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol K. Truman, she says, “Every feeling, every thought—every emotion we experience sends a message to each cell in our body.” (30) Isn’t that a powerful message? More to the point, what messages are you sending to your body?

Our feelings, be they positive or negative, carry intense responses to our cells. What does that mean for our bodies? The most recent example came only a day ago. I scanned a gentleman using my iTovi scanner (you can read more about that here), who was suffering from a terrible gout flare up. I happen to know the gentleman quite well and knew he had also been quite distressed from the rain that never ends and its negative effect on planting corn. As predicted, his scan revealed that his stress needed to be dealt with as a top priority in order for the body to reduce the high levels of inflammation. Once the stress was reduced, so was the pain from gout in his feet.

This may all sound perfectly normal if you are someone who believes in the idea that what our mind thinks, our body creates. If, however, you find this all a bit more than you can believe, consider this: When was the last time you were ill? Think about it long and hard. Not just a common cold, but truly felt awful. Now, consider the circumstances that occurred during that illness, just before and perhaps during the illness. I would guess that there was some form of stress happening. Our bodies were not designed to live in “fight or flight” mode on an ongoing basis. More specifically, the fight or flight response was created in us for the purpose of escaping danger. In our modern society, however, we are inundated with information, opinions, and high expectations. Is it any wonder our cells are on constant alert for the next traumatic event?

When we look at people in our lives who exhibit joy, not to say they are “happy” 24/7 (that is next to impossible), but who have healthy responses to average stress and otherwise find themselves able to reduce stress, how often are they ill? Once upon a time, I was the poster child for “stress+anxiety=illness”. My poor body responded accordingly. Between the sinus infections, migraines, and various aches and pains, I was above and beyond irritable. However, I wasn’t satisfied living life in constant frustration. Nor should you. Here are my best practices for alleviating stress and achieving homeostasis (the balance in your body) in an hour or less. Let’s face it, life is hectic, and we need to take an hour to serve our bodies once in a while.

  1. Receive AromaTouch Technique 1x per month (minimum) to quickly (45 minutes) reduce stress & anxiety, lower heart rate, and reduce inflammation.
  2. Take Lifelong Vitality Supplements as directed daily. 
  3. Use calming oils each morning upon waking, and continue as needed throughout the day.
  4. Pray, meditate, or simply be still for 15-20 minutes per day (I like first thing in the morning to set the day right)
  5. Remove as much stress from your life as possible. I know that saying “NO” is difficult, but it can be achieved with practice. You’re not serving yourself or others by taking on more than necessary (and someone once told me that I was stealing someone else’s joy by doing a job I wasn’t called to do).
  6. Self care: do something just for you every day. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee 30 minutes before everyone else wakes up. Start the day right and end the day with reflection.

I would be lying if I said I’ve mastered this. I’m far from it. However, I strive to improve every day, and my oils are always nearby to help my body relax when I find it hard to calm myself. I take my supplements every day without fail. I’ve learned to say “NO” quite well, and I pray throughout the day. Life is to short to live in stress. I am here to help you. Message me on facebook at to schedule an AromaTouch Technique appointment or to find out how these simple steps can help you live healthier. I never charge to share joy.



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