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5 Ways to Combat Seasonal Moods

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Have you ever noticed people get cranky when the weather shifts? If not, you probably don’t have small children. (Imagine my big eye roll.) As the seasons shift to cooler weather, daylight begins to shorten, (I know you already know this, but stick with me for a minute) and our bodies can’t help but adapt. Less vitamin D, fewer hours outdoors in nature, and more time indoors with fake lighting are all contributors of seasonal depression. See. I told you you would want to stick with me. Now for the good stuff.

How do you battle Mother Nature? Simple. With the help of Mother Nature! God created plants for our benefit. In fact, scripture is full of references to oils and plant benefits. I know we like to complicate everything, so let me break this down in a few simple steps. You don’t have to do everything I list, but choose each morning what is most convenient for you, and switch it up as needed. We are all different, with different needs, and those needs can change daily. Following a “routine” isn’t as important as following your body’s signals.

1. Morning Mindset Matters. Wake up and smile for 20 seconds. I know, you’ll look silly and your spouse or kids might think you’ve gone off the deep end, but smiling releases chemicals to the brain. Smile away! Pick up your favorite devotional, bible, meditation, or positive affirmation book and spend as much or as little time as it takes for you to “feel” good. One minute, an hour, it doesn’t matter how long. It just matters that you start with a positive mindset in the morning. Try a drop of Arise or Balance first thing in the morning to help your positivity vibe!

2. Carefully Consider Chewing. Before you take that first bite, ask yourself if it is going to serve your body. Sugar and processed flour are the number one culprits of ill health. Chewing on processed foods releases chemicals that tell your brain it needs more and more and MORE to stay satisfied. Food addiction is real. And it’s wreaking havoc on your mental health. Try crowding out the processed/sugary foods with this simple step: chew on something nutritious like fruit before you eat the chips. I promise, your mind will become clearer and your mood will move towards positivity. Try Grapefruit, Fennel, or Slim and Sassy in your water. Chew slim and sassy gum, or drink a trim shake before you indulge.

3. Simply Savor Showering. What? A shower can make you happy? It can if you do it right. Nothing is more relaxing than a hot shower. Your physical body will literally relax as the heat from the water loosens muscle tension. As that process is occurring, your mind will start to relax as well. You don’t need more cookies. You need a long, hot shower. Adding a few drops of Eucalyptus to the experience won’t hurt! Plug up the drain, add a few drops, and let the steam do all of the work. Stay in a few minutes longer than normal, or let the hot water run out! Just prepare the rest of the household ahead of time. (Or don’t, if they’re the source of your stress. Haha)

4. Promote Positive Patterns. We are creatures of habit. We hang around the same people, doing the same things, feeling the same way we always have. Are those you spend time with promoting positivity? Would you be better off with a new crew? Let’s face it, most Americans spend more time at work and school than at home with their families. Who you associate with matters. So does their attitude. Change can be hard, and we don’t want to offend those we work with. Try a trip to the restroom before lunch, just long enough to meditate, pray, or throw on some Citrus Bliss. It’s a change in your routine, lessens the amount of time you’re associating with negative influences, and you come back as a personal diffuser. Give it a go. It works!

5. Screens Sometimes Suck. I would say I’m sorry for saying suck, but I’m not. The truth is that every screen we look at has the potential to affect our mood more than anything else we do. Take a break from social media, television, and games. Spend some time reading, writing, creating something! Hobbies are one of the first things we let go of when life gets too busy, or we start to feel overwhelmed with “responsibility”. The next thing you know, the Cricut machine has dust on it, the notebook is lost, or the fabric you had laid out to quilt is buried under piles of responsibility. Dust off that hobby and spend as much time as you want on it. Some days, it’s five minutes. Others, it’s five hours. Creating doesn’t have to be crafty. It can also be service to others. What better way to lift your spirits than by serving others? Try rolling some Rose over your heart and on your ears to experience some Divine Love for yourself and others.

Remember, the key is to try something. It doesn’t have to be everything all at once. Which one resonates with you? Take a few moments to decide what you will do to today, this week, or this season for yourself. Post your comment in our Facebook Group or add it to your IG stories and tag @simplysophisticatedoils for accountability. You are worth taking care of! Joy and happiness promote a healthy lifestyle--including a boost to your immune system. Once upon a time, I had a sister. Then, one day I didn’t. October is traditionally a difficult month for me as I find myself reflecting on all that she has missed. I am one of the former silent sufferers of seasonal depression. I say former because I choose not to anymore. I have tools at my immediate disposal. Five milliliter, 15 milliliter, and 10 milliliter bottles of pure, potent, and plant-based goodness are in every room of my house. There is no science to what I choose. No routine. I simply open the nearest bottle, breathe it in, roll it on, or take a drop to stay positive, healthy, and happy. It’s the easiest, safest, fastest form of self-care available. Let me know if you need some help with that.



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