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Learn to listen to your body.

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Do you consider yourself a good listener? Like when a friend or your spouse calls you for advice or to vent about their day, what is your natural response? I’m a multitasker by nature. While I’m on the phone, I’m also typing an email response, filling sample vials of oils, cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, or exercising. I’m not saying it makes me a good or bad listener, but it definitely factors in to my ability to be “in tune” with the person who called. If, on the other hand, someone schedules an appointment with me, my attention is focused, I’m eliminating distractions, and my ability to actively listen to the person is enhanced. It's amazing what I can learn about the person's needs when I stop and truly listen. But, Nicole, this is an essential oil blog--why are we talking about listening skills?

One of the most important skills we can develop is to actively listen to our bodies. Do you have aches and pain? Bloating or fluid retention? Chronic disease or occasional discomfort? Are viruses or bacterial infections hanging around longer than you would like? Have you ever been down or sad for more than a day or two? These are all messages that your body is sending you. Much like a text message or phone call, it’s important to answer the body when we sense a problem has surfaced. Lets look at some common messages that we receive and how to address that with diet, oils, and supplements. This week we will focus on one important area.

Skin. One of the first signs that we are experiencing a problem in our body is through our skin. Whether it is acne or rash, your skin is the primary message used to send the signal that something is wrong. The first place I look is diet. Because our gut (colon, intestines, etc.) is appropriately named our “second brain”, it is responsible for 90% of our hormone production. Serotonin, melatonin, and cortisol to name a few. These hormones dictate our level of joy, sadness, and stress. Feeding our body nutritious, healthy foods is vitally important to having clear skin. Oils you might use to help with this include Digestion for healthy digestive support, OnGuard to help eliminate unwanted invaders in your gut, and Lemon to help your body naturally detox. Topical oils that will help support healthy skin include, Yarrow Pom to help with skin imperfections, Rose to support healthy, glowing skin, Immortelle is great for youthful complexion, and HD Clear will help with those pesky break outs. Clean skincare like the Verage line or Essential Skincare line are great places to start.

Internal use of oils and supplements also support a healthy gut, which then allows our skin cells to grow and perform in a way that is both healthy and beautiful. Lifelong Vitality supplements are created to give our body vital nutrients and minerals. It is literally the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, I add in a pre/probiotic called PB Assist, which helps incorporate vital bacteria needed in the gut. The side effect is healthy, glowing skin. Finally, I always make sure to include Yarrow Pom Beauty Complex, which are created to support healthy cells. Our skin cells are the outward appearance of what is happening inside our bodies. Therefore, to have clear, glowing skin, we have to start supporting them from the inside out. Other ways I can ensure a beautiful complexion is very much dependent on what I put on it. This might sound obvious, but if you look at the onslaught of companies claiming to be able to redefine your skin, reverse aging and skin damage, and clear the worst cases of acne, my first question is, Why aren’t they taking the time to teach you how to do that naturally? Simple. If we listened to our body, it wouldn't tell us to use more cream.

Our skin is a direct reflection of our gut. Period. If you use these products, the one’s that promise so many wonderful results, you might see a difference after a few months. More than likely, however, you will notice that as soon as you stop using them, your skin will return to troubled, or worse, you might have a horrible reaction to the “botanicals” and “exclusive” ingredients they’re using. Why? Because you can’t expect to put toxins on your skin and have a healthy glow. Instead, take care of your body from the inside out, the way we were created to care for ourselves and our skin. Skin is a living, vital organ. Just like our liver, kidneys, heart, and more, it needs to be fed good, healthy foods and water to maintain elasticity and balance. If your skin is troubled, start with your diet and water intake. Incorporate a daily essential oil routine and specific protocol for your issues. Stop using chemicals. Creams, cleansers, lotions, air fresheners, toxic household cleaners, processed foods, GMO’s, and more are all contributors to disruption of our hormones and gut health. If our gut isn’t happy, our skin won’t be happy. It’s that simple.

Are you listening to your body? Is it telling you that it needs a little TLC? I’m happy to help you customize a routine and discuss your diet. As I get closer to completing my Health Coach certification, I am confident that I can help you achieve your goals of finding your own healthy glow.



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