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Powders and Pills and Prunes, Oh My!

A Better Way to Manage Your Digestive Health

Just Call Me the Magic Poop Fairy

Today something unexpected happened. A friend reached out for help because her son was suffering. He hadn’t been able to go to the bathroom for nearly five days. Yikes! Didn’t we all just do a collective groan in solidarity? Our digestive systems are more than just a way to eliminate waste and filter nutrients throughout our bodies. Our digestive systems are the source of our emotional well being as well! Think about it. When you are stressed, what is the first thing to give you troubles? Your gut! So how can we avoid a messed up gut and keep everything flowing without using a bunch of harmful products or eating like a rabbit?

dōTERRA has completely changed my life, like the youngster I mentioned before, I suffered from chronic constipation. I would go up to two weeks without relief. Constant bloating, indescribable pain that radiated into my back and shoulders, and the inability to focus were the worst of my many symptoms. In 2008 I was diagnosed with 3 pre-cancer colon polyps. I was floored. At 27 years old, you don’t expect to hear that from your doctor. I had struggled with my digestive system my whole life. From infancy, according to my mom, I had struggled to have regular bowel movements. When dōTERRA entered my life, it was for the sake of my son. What I didn’t know, and couldn’t have believed at the time, was that doterra would save me from ever needing another powder in my water or pill at night (or prune juice--gag).

I began using DigestZen the week we received our kit. Three drops in my belly button each night before I went to bed. Every morning, like clockwork, I drank a full glass of water with a drop of dōTERRA Lemon essential oil and then a cup of coffee. Every morning, like clockwork, I had a movement! It was magical! For the first time in my life, I was a normal human being. My mood improved, my skin began to clear up, my body stopped aching and hurting. It wasn’t long before I decided to try the Lifelong Vitality Supplements each morning and night, and Terrazyme before each meal. No more need for the DigestZen. The vitamins and digestive enzymes took care of my body’s needs. I can’t begin to describe the elation. My follow up colonoscopies were all completely clear and my doctor was impressed at my newfound method for taking care of my digestive system.

This morning, after we had tried several different proven methods for helping this youngster, I reached out to our amazing dōTERRA Facebook community for additional ideas. Here it is...and I still have to smile at the protocol: Place 1-3 drops of Peppermint essential oil in the toilet, sit, and wait. Guess what? The youngster pooped! We followed up again an hour later...more relief!! I can’t make this stuff up guys! We all had a fun giggle about the method and about how much fun it was to talk about poop all day (I taught middle school for 14 years for a reason, folks). I’m over the moon about helping people find solutions. I would be privileged to help you as well. Please reach out to me soon. You never know what I might have up my sleeve!

Be Blessed,


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