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How it All Began

And Why Now is the Time for You

March has traditionally been known to roar like a lion. In the Midwest, that has never been truer than this year! All around me are people suffering from sore throats, coughing, stomach bugs, and stuffy heads. Our own family has not been without it’s struggles as Spring draws near. We take our health for granted, until something happens to shock us back in to reality. Wind and rain have awakened the many viruses and bacteria that have been lurking beneath the snow and frozen ground, and being stuck inside surrounded by the germs hasn’t helped. So what is a person to do? Wash your hands, wear a scarf over your nose a mouth and hope for the best?

Several years ago I was a teacher in my classroom cringing each time a student sneezed, praying that I didn’t catch whichever viral plague was circling the school. I washed my hands as often as possible, took over the counter preventatives that promised I wouldn’t get sick, ate as healthy a diet as I could in hopes that being properly nourished would help somehow. Nevertheless, I was sick, often missing days in a row of work from common viral infections that seemed to linger longer and longer each year. My frustration was more than most because I was allergic to many decongestants and antihistamine blockers. So, I would call the doctor, pay the copay, get a shot, choose the least side-effect ridden bottle at the drug store, come home, and utilize as many home remedies as I could until the crisis passed. It was exhausting.

Fast forward to becoming a mom. Suddenly my methods of prevention and treatment became incompatible with a child. When DōTERRA entered our lives, I was desperate for better options than a bunch of bottles that toted all of their amazing benefits, yet contained ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. Recalls threatened every available option, and I knew there had to be something better for my little guy. Guess what, friends. There is something immeasurably better out there for all of us. At pennies per drop, I have been able to provide my family with options that are safer, more effective, and cost less than most of what’s out there. My method is now prevention, rather than treatment.

Our world tells us that we have to be advocates for ourselves and our littles, that we need certain products to be healthy, and that little pills and bottles of liquid will gently guide us towards a healthier family. Truth: we become dependent on those pills and bottles without actually getting any healthier. We’ve all been frustrated at one point or another, feeling helpless against the onslaught of illness. I’ve decided the worst feeling in the world isn’t being sick: it’s having a sick loved one and not knowing how to care for them. Watching them go through symptoms that change their demeanor, exhaust them, and then trying one thing after the other while they continue to suffer. You know what? There’s a better way. That’s why I chose a different way of life: DōTERRA.

We still go to the doctor, and we still take (minimal) medication when necessary. However, in the past 4 years, I have not been on an antibiotic or over the counter anything. My children have had exposure to antibiotics four times in totality (3 kids—each once, the boy twice), and I no longer panic when a fever pops up, or coughing begins, or snot runs like a faucet. In our home, there are options. I ended my last year of teaching without missing a single day due to my own illnesses because I prevented them from lasting longer than 24 hours. My children were in daycare and exposed to thousands of new germs daily, yet they were never ill more than 48 hours, and usually 24 with an extra day at home to recover. With the help of DōTERRA vitamins, OnGuard hand soap and essential oil, Triease blend for all things green and gross, we support our immune systems and encourage our bodies to respond quickly and without trauma to each exposure we encounter.

I am blessed to be a part of something that provides families and individuals with options. We are blessed to be a DōTERRA family. My hope is that you, like me, are ready to support yourself and your family’s immune systems naturally, prevent illness from taking over your life, and promote a positive environment that allows you to live naturally! I am here to help. Contact me for more information or for a free wellness consultation to discuss your options.



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