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Why I'm Grateful for 11 Years of Fertility

Know better, do better.

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When my husband and I were first married, we made the immediate decision to start a family. I stopped all forms of prevention, and we waited every month for the little lines to turn blue. Sadly, they never did. After a year, we chose to seek outside help from a specialist. Still, after tests, pills, shots, and tears--no pregnancy. I was desperate to understand why God would lay it on our hearts to have children, and then struggle so much to become parents. However, each step we took to start a family revealed something about my body. Beginning with the diagnosis of stage four endometriosis, which could have caused cancer, and then pre-cancerous colon polyps, which could have caused cancer, I became more and more understanding of how important it was to care for myself. It became a passion to learn how I could serve my body with nutrition, eliminate toxins in my home, and treat my one and only body in a way that honored God. Blessings come in many packages--physical trials, emotional struggles, and essential oils. Rather than asking, Why, God?, try flipping the perspective and honoring the struggle as a force to move you forward.

The truth is that I didn’t always feel grateful. I felt alone. Isolated. Betrayed. Angry. Hurt. And a million other little feelings that added up to a BIG problem: depression and anxiety. I was in a constant state of fight or flight, so my body literally began to rebel against me. I was sick all the time, my digestive system was wrecked, and I was also subject to thousands of toxins with every pill and injection I took. It was hell on earth. One of my biggest frustrations with modern medicine is the constant pill pushing. “Oh, you’re having a reaction to that? Huh. Well, let’s take this and it should help.” I mean, what is that? At one point, I was on so many different fertility medications, anti-seizures, and anti-depressants, that I literally couldn’t even remember what it was like to feel anything.

Our options in fertility are limited. Doctors are amazing people. They truly care about those they are treating. However, their ability to help is limited to the education they have received and the education they continue to choose. Throughout this process, my eyes were opened to the fact that none of my doctors were familiar enough with holistic medicine to A. Suggest it or B. Understand it. That was unnerving to me. In one semester of my Health Coaching, I have learned that our bodies are amazing and completely capable of self healing in many instances. Fertility being one of them. Does that concern me? YES! Do I trust that God lead me through my particular situation for a reason, YES! I’m not diminishing the work my doctors did. I’m not blaming anyone for my circumstances. Please understand that what I have to say next comes from a place of now that I know better, I do better.

Your body is infinitely more complex than any human can put into words. You have trillions of bacteria in your body that is either serving you or harming you. You’re made of millions of cells that are performing based on the trillions of bacteria. What does this all mean for fertility, chronic disease, or a common cold? What you eat matters. What goes into your body matters. What you put on your skin matters. What you smell matters. Every scent enters your blood stream eventually (about 20 minutes maximum). Every cream, lotion, perfume, shampoo, hair color, and the list goes on--enters your blood stream. Each bite you take filters through your body and immediately sends signals to your gall bladder, liver, pancreas, and intestines within moments. The same bite sends signals to your brain immediately. It. All. Matters. And we are the only one capable of changing those things.

You can control what you eat. Women, hear me. You CAN CONTROL WHAT YOU EAT. And, momma’s, you had better control what your littles eat. It may not be fun or pretty, but it is our job. Now, understand that I’m in menopause. After the twins were born, my body was ravaged with endometriosis. It had to happen, and I became very aware of how food affected me. Every bite of sugar, flour, starch, immediately sends signals to my hormones for hot flashes. Yep. Every bite. Now, since I’m in menopause, I can feel the change immediately. If you’re not there yet, let me be clear: just because you don’t feel the change in your body doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you. I promise it is. And if every bite, every lotion, every fragrance is affecting your blood, then it’s affecting your hormones too. I promise this isn’t to scare you. Or maybe it is if that’s what it takes to get your attention.

Essential oils can do amazing things. Lifelong Vitality is AMAZING. Phytoestrogen can help those cramps disappear and make the change of life seem like a minor annoyance. But, hear me now: none of those things can replace what you put in your mouth. Food is the first and most effective medicine we have been given by God. He planted the Garden of Eden with a purpose: to feed and provide shelter and medicine for Adam and Eve. In His infinite wisdom, He knew we would mess it up. God didn’t make Oreo’s, friends. He didn’t make pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified foods. God made plants and animals. Period. We did the rest. We messed it up. But, we also have the resources and the knowledge to fix it. I am beyond grateful for that. To those who educate, mentor, coach, and preach, thank you for reminding us of who is in charge.

This is why I chose a life away from the classroom an into your living room, car, office, and anywhere else you take your phone or computer. I will meet you where you are. I will remind you that you are more precious than diamonds and more valuable than gold. Why? Because God made you and you are worth the time, energy, and love that He gave me to share. I will be taking on clients very soon. Will you be in line for a time slot? Do you want to finally be free from the grasp of our modern lifestyles and dive into the life you were meant to live? Friends, I am. I am READY! I want you to remember something, nothing we experience is by chance. I am blessed to have a story that resonated with so many friends who were experiencing the same struggles I did. I could empathize with them. Cry with them. Lift them in prayer. Maybe fertility isn’t your issue. Maybe it’s depression. Lethargy. Lack of energy. Weight. Whatever your unique issue is, I am here to tell you something: You are why I exist. I can’t wait to get started. Can you feel the energy shift? Just imagining who you want to be and knowing you have the opportunity to make it a reality? Amazing.

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