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Fear is just a word...

But the impact it has on your life is powerful

Have you ever noticed that children aren’t afraid of picking up bugs? Or jumping off couches? They’re little, tiny humans who have no fear. It makes me wonder, at what point do we learn to feel fear. Is it the first time we fall off of the couch, or the first time our parent’s reprimand us because we’ve just broken something in the house, or is it something learned? Whatever the reason, we have an internal “fear” alarm. It goes off when something, someone, or some feeling tells us that what we are about to do isn’t safe. For me, that means that when I chose to quit my teaching job after 15 years and stay home with my kids while running a full-time dōTERRA business, my alarms were ringing 24/7 without anyone there to push the button that would stop it. Imagine the way my body responded.

Fight or Flight. That’s what they call the state of our body when we are on constant high alert and living each moment in fear of what might happen next. I’ve been living there for over a year. Until now. See, I had these grand ideas of what staying home and running a business would look like. Guess what? None of my ideas were even remotely accurate. In fact, it was horrible and, in moments of high stress, I wanted to go back to teaching. Suddenly, instead of a new group of kids every 50 minutes, I had three children under the age of four who depended on me completely all day and night. There was no place to escape!

During this period, I let fear take hold of my mind, my actions, my words, and I let it steal my joy. I suffered, my children suffered, my husband suffered, and my business wasn’t doing all that great either. That’s when I decided that I could either live in fear for the rest of my life, or I could fight back. My job is to help people get out of their own way, to push forward and break through blocks. Unfortunately, it is much easier to tell other’s what to do than to do it myself. I can proudly say that my protocol has changed my life, my attitude, my health, and has all but eliminated the fears I had allowed to control me for over a year.

How would your days look if you weren’t afraid of what people said about you, thought about you, or even knew about you? What would you do if you could feel confident in your body, your decisions, and your mental health? Who’s reading this and already thinking about all the reason’s why you couldn’t have all of that and more? Yeah. I get it. It seems like a pipe dream, but I’m not promising every day will be full of joy and never any problems. I’m promising that you are not alone and that there are ways to find yourself again. If you’re willing to work a little to get there. Take the step. Ask me for help. Ask ANYONE for help. Keep reading, because it’s about to get really good.

I start each morning with 1/2 cup of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus. For you, it may be meditation. Spend the morning with thanksgiving for all of the blessings you are GOING to receive. Focus and concentrate on what you WILL get done—not what needs done, or has to get done because that’s just another form of fear. (What will happen if the laundry piles up? Seriously? Will the police arrest you? No.)

Supplements I take:

  1. Vegan LLV
  2. Terrazyme: Digestive Enzymes to help the vitamins digest fully and absorb
  3. PB Assist: Double encapsulated pre/probiotics
  4. DDR Prime: Cellular/DNA repair (because we all have issues)
  5. Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex: inflammation, joint pain, swelling, etc. (So I’m able to walk and lift my girls after a workout)
  6. Copaiba: anti-anxiety, inflammation in the stomach, digestive support
  7. Mito2Max: cellular energy (so I don’t want to nap at 2:00 every day)
  8. Adaptiv: anti—everything emotional (new product release on October 1)
  9. Tumeric Capsules: inflammation, pain, digestive support, neurological support (overall good health has to include reducing inflammation in the body)
  10. Phytoestrogen Complex: helps keep the crazy hormones in check (if you’re close to or in menopause, you want this...also if you have certain types of cancer in the family)


  1. Motivate
  2. Clary Calm
  3. Bergamot
  4. Wild Orange
  5. Balance
  6. Hope
  7. Jasmine
  8. Adaptiv
  9. Harvest Spice (yummy)
  10. Copaiba
  11. Deep Blue
  12. Tumeric
  13. Yarrow Pom 
  14. Pink Pepper
  15. Black Pepper
  16. Frankincense
  17. DDR Prime
  18. Magnolia
  19. Forgive
  20. Cinnamon

I’d love to tell you that you can simply open a bottle of oil and smell it to feel instantly better, but for me, that’s not proven as effective as giving my body the supplements it needs in order to perform at 100% for extended periods of time. The oils have their role, and it is an extremely important role, but the supplements are the backbone of the oils. Nutrition is equally important. As a matter of fact, it is the MOST important piece of your health. Two weeks ago I made the choice to drastically alter my lifestyle. My cholesterol is so high I don’t want to even type it. Over the past year—post hysterectomy—I have gained 35 pounds. I have been sluggish, depressed, and hiding my feelings because I was afraid that there was no hope for ever feeling like myself again. Anger, shame, and anxiety have ruled my life for over a year. That, my friends, is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Two weeks ago I attended dōTERRA’s Global convention and walked 33 1/2 miles. I sweat a lot, ate and drank whatever sounded good, and secretly watched all of the healthy skinny women dress up for Gala in beautiful gowns while I abandoned all 4 dresses I brought and wore black pants and a shirt that I only “kind of” liked. I watched as over 250 people walked a purple carpet with complete joy in their heart because they had achieved something that less than 5% of people will ever do: Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Presidential Diamond. In that moment, I felt inadequate and afraid that I might never accomplish my dreams. While preparing to video my friend and Presidential Diamond, Jennifer Brady, walk her purple carpet for the third time, I was dreaming of losing weight, sharing my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, and someday walking that same purple carpet myself. I glanced up and Emily Wright (Co-Founder) looked at me. Our eyes locked as smiles of recognition lit up both of our faces. She untied the rope separating the thousands of people from her and the purple carpet, grabbed my hand, and pulled me onto the carpet with her. She held my hand, hugged me tight, and then turned to pose for a selfie while saying, “We’re taking our selfie out here, because next year, YOU will be walking Diamond on this carpet.”

There are moments in life when you know that you are on a precipice of change. Road one leads back to the same place you’ve always been. Road two is familiar, but a little more dangerous. Road three is completely new and uncharted. The moment Emily pulled me onto the red carpet I made my choice. Road three. No more fear. No more excuses. No more wondering “what if”. I came home ready to be the person I knew God has meant me to be: healthy, joyful, and ready to change lives. My journey has included a drastic overhaul of what I eat, how I view food, and daily exercise. No more sugar, grains, meat, dairy, or caffeine. I’m losing weight. I have energy. My mind is clear and focused. More than anything, I’m not afraid any longer. What is holding you back? Money? Because money can be rearranged. Time? That can be rearranged too. Support? I’ve got your back. (And I really mean that—ask the people who have called on me for help. I’ll be there until you don’t need me.) Desire? I didn’t want to give any of my habits up, but that also meant I would be stuck forever. So just do it. Start changing. Finally, friends, we talk all the time about “self care” and I get that as a busy mom, wife, husband, college student, caretaker, and any other label you have, that taking any time for yourself is hard at first. I don’t like waking up at 5am to work out, read personal development books, watch videos, or generally function. However, it works for me. It’s the time I have set aside for myself. When will you take that step? What’s holding you back? Most importantly, how can I help you? Message me. Call me. Text me. DM me. Just don’t sit around waiting for you life to get better. Make it better.


Nicole Gibson

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