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Seasonal Changes

How to Adapt in 3 Simple Steps

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Hey friends! The seasons have shifted and the mornings are cool, crisp, and full of possibilities. It’s my favorite season, Fall, and I am already making pumpkin spice latte’s from home, homemade apple cider, and warm, savory meals. Can you relate?

This morning I turned on the fireplace for the first time. We have had windows open for five days--allowing Mother Nature to warm and cool our home as she sees fit. However, this morning was a bit too crisp even for me. Hahaha. With the fireplace on, the house cleaned, diffusers filled, and laundry going, I wanted to take a few moments and share with you how we prepare our bodies for the cooler temperatures.

First, we acknowledge that the cooler months mean more time indoors. Having a clean home is extremely important as the dust mites and bacteria seem to breed faster in a warm, moist home. So, we use OnGuard to clean surfaces, Purify to cleanse the air, and use OnGuard daily topically and internally. In fact, I make my own version of Clorox wipes using the dōTERRA DIY Wipes recipe here. You’ll love how easy it is to wipe down surfaces. I chose to purchase a set of 20 wash cloths at Walmart to make my wipes. It saves us money and reduces waste!

Second, we adapt our food intake. Rather than eating tropical fruits and summer veggies, we choose seasonal fruits and veggies. Our body includes a “biome” that adapts to the environment we are in. That means our bodies will likely crave more savory items in the cold months (chocolate is year round, I promise) and grocery stores will reflect that. We also increase our PB Assist/PB Assist Jr. each day for a couple of weeks. At the first sign of snotty noses or headaches, it’s time for an extra dose of probiotic goodness. Your gut is responsible for all of the bacteria in your body!

Third, we begin using more citrus oils. Why? Aren’t they “summer” fragrances? Yes. But, we also have a tendency to have more emotional struggles during seasonal changes. Citrus oils like Wild Orange, Lemon, Citrus Bliss, and others are a great way to increase energy while decreasing our tendency to feel anxious. We add Adaptiv Softgels (my husband and I do) and the touch roller (for the kids) as needed. Easy peasy.

Finally, we increase our sleep. Our bodies follow the circadian rhythm. When the sun is up, so are we. When the sun goes down, we do too. This can be a difficult transition, so we utilize our oils to help with the adjustment. Nothing is harder than trying to get kids to bed at 7:00pm when their bodies are used to the summer schedule of 8:00. A little Serenity on their feet, Cedarwood in the diffuser, and a book before bed helps them adjust. We lay with our children to help them fall asleep. Don’t judge me just yet. This is also part of what relaxes me and my husband so that we too can get to bed early. Rather than scrolling Instagram and Facebook, we snuggle our babies and then get up, take our evening supplements (LLV, Terrazyme, and Bone Nutrient) which include Serenity Softgels and Copaiba. This combination is nature’s gift of sleep by supporting our body’s production of melatonin--the sleep chemical.

Let’s make sure you adjust to Fall and Winter with confidence! If you need help getting started, feel free to send me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or you can complete the Contact Me form and get started with a free sample any time. I love my community and look forward to hearing from you!

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