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Everything changed

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Have you ever had that moment when the world seemed to stop, when everything quieted, and you suddenly realized that you are the author of your own story? Scary. Freeing. Exciting. Life-changing. In those moments, we get to change our story.

It was in my classroom, on the phone with my mentor and pumping milk for my newborn twins, when it dawned on me. Leaving the classroom to build a business at home with my children wasn't an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down the the very last cell in my body that I had to share my passion for empowering mom's and women with everyone i come in contact with. I had no idea, in that moment, that my life would change forever. Or, even more shockingly, just how much it would change the lives of twelve amazing women on my team.

Step 1: establish support. I had to convince my husband I could match my teaching salary with dōTERRA. I wish I could tell you that he completely supported my dream and was totally open to the new adventure. Not true. I had work to do. It was my job to show him that I could match my income with dōTERRA, maintain that income, and continue to grow. I'm nothing if not competitive. Challenge accepted.

Within two months, I had matched my teaching salary. See? Competitive, even with myself. The best part was the process I went through in breaking down barriers I had lived by: don't annoy people, only contact them if they initiate, grow your business organically so you don't seem pushy. Friends, listen. We don't know what we need until someone presents us with the options. That's not pushy. That is good business.

Step 2: find a new normal. The truth is, having bells that ring and tell you when one class is over and another one needs to begin is very efficient. I don't have bells at home. For the first few months at home, I was struggling to time block and organize. My new normal included one year old twins who were much more demanding than a classroom full of middle school students! I'm here to tell you that having the right people in your life to coach you, mentor you, help you navigate, and support you is invaluable.

The past year has shown tremendous growth in my business. I doubled my income, reduced my working hours, and have trained dozens of new business women who are all succeeding in their new ventures. It's never too late to change your story. Start over. Do things now the way you wish you'd done them in the beginning. Find your joy and the reason to wake up in the morning. I'm giving you permission. I'm giving you a choice. Change your story.

Step 3: join me. What I can offer you is success and encouragement. I can help you learn to solve problems, see the big picture, and have a plan to achieve your goals. As long as your foot is on the gas pedal, so is mine. This is the part where you hesitate, and that inner voice is telling you that there isn't room in your life for anything else. Everyone you know would make fun of you for jumping on another bandwagon. You can't possibly retire in network marketing. Listen to me--I will pour my time, talents, and resources into anyone who is ready to silence those voices.

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