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Seasons Change

and So Do We

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Bright red and orange leaves drift around our yard like confetti. Cool breezes flow throughout the house, and Harvest Spice wafts from diffusers in every room. On my desk, a warm cup of coffee is cooling faster than I would like, but I will not close the windows. I’ll just reheat the coffee. Spotify Feel-Good Indie Rock is playing in the background, and for the first time all week, I get to sit and talk with you. My day is made.

This week has brought with it constant changes in my schedule, in my mood, in my productivity. Even my children feel the shift as the season changes. Most days, we are capable of adapting to the shift in energy, the phases of the moon, or the constantly changing temperatures. But this week, we have all struggled more than usual. Have you noticed a difference? October is here. My body automatically starts to crave warm soups, tea, and comfort foods. Without looking at a calendar, I can tell you when October arrives. Let’s see if you can relate to the signs and symptoms of October.

It begins in the morning, when I wake the twins. Their raspy voices and sniffling noses alert me that summer threats are changing to fall threats. The environmental changes result in sniffles, sometimes coughing, and fussy children. My husband asks for my gargle recipe as even he is feeling the soreness in his throat from sinuses draining. Energy levels are lower, headaches are more common, and our tempers are shorter, and so is the amount of daylight we have now. Does any of this sound familiar? Have you even paid attention to it? Maybe not. Nonetheless, this is the time of year when I change our routine, preparing our bodies for the cold months.

On Guard is a part of our daily routine. It always is, and it always will be. However, I add a few other important oils in this time of year. In a roller bottle, I toss in a few drops of Tea Tree, Frankincense, Oregano, On Guard, and Lemon. We call it FLOOT in the oil world. A helpful acronym to remember the ingredients. Two to three drops of each oil in a 10ml roller bottle, filled with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO), and after rolling on their daily dose of On Guard, we roll on the FLOOT. Within minutes, voices return to normal, the sound of breathing is barely audible, and the fussing fades to excitement as we load into the car for school. Simple. Effective. Safe.

As our days begin to shorten, it isn’t uncommon for our moods to feel the stress of the change in seasons. One of my favorite ways to support our family’s mood, is to add Wild Orange to the On Guard in the diffusers. Sometimes we add it to the Lemon in our water. It is a simple change, one that doesn’t take a lot of time, but yields amazing results almost immediately! Simple. Effective. Safe. Isn’t that what we all want? The opportunity to support our bodies in the way we choose, without restriction on what, how much, and how often we are allowed to support ourselves? It’s freedom from watching clocks to wait for the next dose, measuring how much is safe, and hoping there are no side effects. Simple. Effective. Safe.

So what are you waiting for? Skeptical? No problem. I’ll send you a free sample. Haven’t found the right combination? Simple. Request a Wellness Consult and we can work together on that. Can’t afford it? Don’t worry. I couldn’t either, and I will help you the way I have helped countless others. The point is to start. Open the bottles sitting on your counter and start by smelling them. Send me a message requesting a free sample. Schedule a time to meet with me for an Aromatouch Technique. I am prepared to serve you at your comfort level.



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